My Life of What Ifs

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Happy Place

I am currently three days in to our annual vacation at Drummond Island off the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. All of the stress I’ve been feeling lately, the main reason for my lack of blog posts, was left in the Lower Peninsula, where it belongs.

Right now I am sitting under a tree at the yacht haven with my family and several friends who are like family. The kids are swimming, the ladies are reading and chatting, the dogs are sitting in the shade and a few of the guys are fishing. The breeze is balmy and it just doesn’t get any better.

After 2 weeks taking the Member’s Mark Probiotic daily I can also notice a discernable difference in how my stress affects my gastrointestinal system. There seems to be regularity about me, LOL. Where normally all hell could break loose the minute my workload becomes overwhelming, things in that area have stayed relaxed and normal.

Of course in the past I have made it through stressful times and then as soon as things calm down my body or stomach rather, retaliates. But I’ve been on vacation since Friday afternoon and so far so good.

My family looks forward to this vacation every year. So much so, that even the mention of not going can send my girls into a tizzy. But really why would we not come? Two-tracking through the woods, swimming off of fossil ledges, drinking “punch” from a garbage can, sitting under the stars in front of a warm fire, dogs playing, kids laughing, and it all takes place this one week of the year.