My Life of What Ifs

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Circle of My Life

I've been back in the advertising grind for three months now and I am recognizing the signs.  The signs of me becoming who I was before.  Irritable, tired, anxious, edgy, unable to enjoy the simple things and I am constantly reminding myself to breathe.

I haven't blogged.  I have read a book.  I have a stack of magazines waiting to be read.  And my stomach is a mess.

It's been a long time since I've had the stomach issues brought on by stress but they're back and in full force.  Of course there is the even more demented side of me saying "yay, maybe I'll lose some weight."  But yes, it's a problem.  I have to do more than breathe.  I have to be positive.  Why can't I be positive?  Why can't I not worry about everything?  Why can't I be more like my husband?  The only time his bowels are irritated is when he drinks draft beer.

A friend recommended I try probiotics for my stomach irritability (which blesses me with a host of symptoms) and I am hoping that I can feel less of my stress in my stomach so I am going to give it a whirl and see what happens.  I am trying Member's Mark 4X Probiotic and was fortunate enough to receive a six week supply to try.  I am also visiting Digestive Health for Me!  where there is a forum to discuss digestive health.

It seems I may be on the right track for my digestive issues, now I just need to work on my brain and maintaining a positive outlook, a good work-life balance, etc.  But I guess that's why I go to therapy.  Right?

I received a six week supply of Member's Mark 4X Probiotic from Collective Bias as part of a social shopper's insight study.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.