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Monday, April 4, 2011

Having fun in my El Naturalista Shoes

I am a fan of shoes.  Shoes and socks are my favorite clothing items.  No matter what, I can find shoes and socks that fit me and my style.

Recently I heard about
El Naturalista shoes and using their store locator I found a store in Ann Arbor- Fourth Avenue Birkenstock- that sold them.

I was intrigued by El Naturalista because they're comfortable and yet attractive.  And I like the "road" they follow.
 "Naturalistas" start their journey observing everything that surrounds them. They travel through the world and observe it, becoming impregnated by its textures, its colors, its lines... and after a thousand journeys, real and imaginary, they discover that a single idea brings us together. Whatever our race or culture... we all walk in search of happiness.  It is that simple. And that complicated.

The philosophy of El Naturalista reeks of my What If beliefs.“Naturalistas” are sincere. They analyze life and the world around them with the intensity of a thoughtful observer. “Naturalistas” enjoy every moment of every minute, and every minute of every moment.

Of course they also make cute shoes, in great colors of green, red, orange and purple.  Iggdrasil is my favorite collection and exactly what I found on Fourth Ave.  I tried on clogs and Mary Jane's and when the weather is more reliable I think I will be going back for these.

The folks at Fourth Avenue Birkenstock were extremely helpful.  It has been A LONG time since anyone helped me try on shoes.  I felt like I was back in my hometown at Miller's Shoe Store getting corrective shoes as a child, with a golden egg surprise when I was all done.

In the end I went with Cobalto Mary Jane style El Naturalista's.  They are a dark, normal color, but they are not brown, or black, and with my need for new shoes that I could wear a lot they fit the bill.  They are super comfortable.  In fact, I have worn them for two long periods of time with no trouble at all.  They have breathable, anatomic, removable insoles, and are made of hand-stitched, soft pull grain leather.

I also love the sole of this shoe.  It's made of recycled rubber.  It has a decoration all of it's own and it's firm, but not hard.

I really like these shoes, and aside from one instance of a shop on their store locator being no longer in business, I really liked shopping for them.  It led me to Fourth Avenue Birkenstick, a great local store, with friendly, knowledgeable staff, and I felt important from the minute I walked in until the minute I walked out.

And now I feel important because I have comfortable, well-made shoes that still have a funky look to them, and that's alright with me.

More check-ins at Fourth Avenue Birkenstock
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