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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My girls #sendcheer and make plans to send more

Isn't it funny how sometimes we just figure our kids have no idea about certain things and then one day while shopping at Walmart they blow you away by sharing the secret of life, and their knowledge of, well, the military?

My 11-year-old daughter Ryann is constantly surprising me, and honestly I guess I don't give either of my girls enough credit.

I posted on Friday about the partnership between General Mills and the USO to sendCheer to military families this holiday season.  With specially marked boxes of Cheerios (pictured below) families all over can participate in the Cheerios sendCheer campaign and help raise money for the USO to continue their fantastic programs for military families.


Ryann and I went to Walmart where we found these specially marked boxes on the shelf and we bought 10.  The Walmart cashier asked if I was "coupon shopping" so I told her all about the program and how my girls and I plan to deliver the extra boxes to our awesome neighbors so that they too, can send cheer.


While we were shopping for a few other items Ryann told me how she and her leadership club at school had written letters to soldiers at their meeting this week.  She asked if we would be writing letters with our Cheerios boxes so I explained that there was a post card inside all ready for us to add our own message and drop in the mail.


As you can see 10 boxes takes up a lot of room in the cart, in the trunk and on the counter.  But once we were home the girls were ready.  Jayden mentioned that she hopes her uncle receives her message, but since I could not guarantee that, we made plans to make a treat with our Cheerios to send to my brother, sister-in-law and my two nephews for Christmas.


There isn't much to sending our cheerful notes of thanks.  General Mills has it all ready to go inside the box. All you have to do is cut it out...


Write your message...


Add a stamp... and yes much to Ryann's chagrin I am fresh out of United States flag stamps.  Disney Pixar will have to do :)


I am proud of my girls and what they wrote on their cards, both the fronts and the backs.  They understood the action and the message completely with no help from me, which made me proud.  And now that school is out for the Thanksgiving holiday we plan to make some treats, give thanks and send cheer.

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