My Life of What Ifs

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I LOVE Post Secret. I have for many years and I still get excited when I realize that new secrets are up and ready for my perusal. Here are a couple of my latest favorites.

This one is so simple and yet it says so much. Three little words that could be good, could be bad, all depending on your frame of mind.

This one I can relate to a little too much. I have a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast & Film with a minor in Advertising and I work part time in a flower shop, which I love, and it makes me above and beyond happy.

Of course I am also using my Associates (and experience) in Journalism which also makes me above and beyond happy when I nail it, but it also makes me hate myself when I fall short.

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Cheryl said...

One day I hope that #2 will apply to me! Maybe not a bookseller but something that makes me Above & Beyond happy to wake up for every morning!

Chicky said...
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