My Life of What Ifs

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's only just begun

I am the mother of two daughters, one 10 and one six-and-a-half.

The one whines about everything.  The first words out of her mouth every morning are sung, but the music is more nails on chalkboard than birds singing.  It's horribly unpleasant.  Horrible.

Oh, did I mention that it's the six-year-old I'm talking about?

The one that's too smart for her own good, and basically tells me that.  The one that lost her two front teeth on Friday, but doesn't mind that I call her "Fangs".  The that loves her big sister and then whines that Ryann is just like Mama!!!  I think it's because we both use the phrase "Whiny Brat" to describe her.  I know.  Horrible.

The older one has hormones.  I can see them floating above her head.  A constant reminder of my younger days and how I just didn't want to talk about it!  Geesh!  She gets overwhelmed and confused.  Sometimes she's Mama's baby as she rolls her bean-pole-self up on my lap and wraps her almost size seven feet around mine.  And then she's the tween, unsure of herself and her feelings, and eyeing the neighbor boy with a gleam in her eye.

I wanted two boys.  I said that out loud.  But I have two girls, that someday will be 16 and 13.  Simultaneously.  I love them, but pray for me.  Please.


Rebecca said...

If it makes you feel any better, the boys aren't any better. My 5-1/2 yr old BOY whines and my 14 yr old BOY is a walking hormone. Oh the stories I could tell you about that one....

I do feel for your future tho, with 2 teenage girls at one time. I'd be skeered!!

Kelly Driver said...

Since I was older when I had my little one, my mom likes to remind me that when my daughter is starting puberty, I will most likely be starting menopause. My husband is so excited about that prospect...NOT! Good times lie ahead.

Anonymous said...

Grandma used to say, 'you get what you ask for'!, which really means, 'you get what you DON'T ask for'. It makes alot of sense! You will survive. If I could survive what your sister handed to me on top of menopause, anyone can! Love you!!

Stacey said...

yes, I feel for you. I may only have one very tiny girl, but the 16yo boy's moodiness is enough for me to think about military school..for makes me that nuts, ;) I tell the other boys, "I don't speak whinese."

Anonymous said...

I have one girl who will be 12 on Monday. My God, the hormones. I will definitely be praying for you. :)