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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Swap out your Sweetener, when you use sweetener

Two weeks ago, on October 18th I started the Truvia Swap out your Sweetener Challenge.  I agreed to trade my normal choice of sweetener, good ole' sugar, for Truvia.

I received a sweet package (ha ha) in the mail, with spoonable truvia, a 40 ct. box of individual packets, and some samples and coupons to share.

The first place I tried my new Truvia (I have used Truvia before in a chai coffee recipe I cooked up) was in a cup of coffee.  Truthfully, on this occasion I didn't love it.  But I think I used too much.  You see, I've discovered something these last two weeks.  I don't use a lot of additional sweetener in my everyday life.  In fact, it's a nice discovery to realize how few things I actually add sweetener to- and when it comes to coffee, I add cream but not sugar.

So, it made sense to try it somewhere I did use this type of product, and that is in my Plain yogurt.  I added some to my plain, non-fat yogurt and it was exactly what it needed.  It was a tasty treat and I was very happy with the Truvia flavor.

Oddly, last week I found that I did enjoy Truvia in my cappucino from Panera.  I hit the drive thru when I was running errands and quickly discovered I didn't love what I was drinking.  I finished my errands and when I got home I figured, why not?  So I added a spoonful, warmed it back up and wow.  It took an not-so-great cappucino and made it perfect.  It's also gave me a great idea...

Why not throw a few of these packets in my purse?  That way I don't have to wait to get home to fix-up my cappucino, I can do it when I am on the go, and enjoy my drink when I am supposed to- when I buy it!

If you'd like to hear more personal experiences with Truvia visit MapTruvia and check out the Swap out your Sweetener (SOYS) Challenge forum.  You can also share this post here to get a free sample of Truvia to try for yourself.

Disclosure:  I received Truvia for free, but my opinions on the product are mine and mine alone.

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