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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time Suck

I have a friend who the other day referred to blogging as her time suck. She meant it in the best way, and it got me to thinking... if my dream is to be a writer shouldn't blogging and other forms of writing be my time suck too? What if I actually did as many have suggested and blocked out a certain number of hours a day to write? Seriously if you have a job that you go to aren't you required to log so many hours a day anyway? So even if you work in the comfort of your own home (and are technically still looking for outside employment to pay the bills) shouldn't you allot so much time for this "job" of yours? Yes, you should. Or rather, I should.

I have started a book and I am so excited about it. But if I don't allow it to suck some of my time it will never come to fruition and be found on the 3 for 2 shelf at Borders. It's basically written in my head, but until someone invents a brain portal allowing me to download my thoughts (in an organized fashion of course) on to someones computer then they aren't going to be able to read my book. I imagine this concept is similar to the one we had as students where we thought if we slept on our History textbook we would absorb the information through osmosis. Yeah, that never worked either.

Starting tomorrow I am committing myself to a writing schedule, or a time suck, which sounds much more like something I would actually do than a schedule. Schedule equals Groundhog day and I quit my job to get out of that cycle. Waking up every day to "I got you babe" is hell, and the what if that got me in this position will be very disappointed if I have to return to that anytime soon. So send me some time suck good luck and hopefully I actually write and don't spend it all on facebook.

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