My Life of What Ifs

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Welcome to My Life of What Ifs, my new blog about anything and everything. You will also find that by reading My Life of What Ifs you get to travel with me into my own little hypothetical world. Some of it far fetched, some not so much...

Such as, what if I had asked someone else to my senior prom? What if I had gone to Florida after graduation to work at Disney World instead of taking an advertising internship in Detroit? What if I hadn't spent 12 years paying actors to appear in commercials?

As my subtitle says, I don't believe in regrets. I am who I am because of the choices I have made and really, I like my life. But for me, what ifs are irresistible. I quit my job 14 weeks ago basically to play what if. What if I was a writer? What if I could find work on all the movies being shot in Michigan? These are very real what ifs and the writing one is very possible. I've experienced some things in the last four months that are totally what if book worthy. So with a few alterations and embellishments I am writing my first book. It's loosely based on my experiences, but loose enough that it is more fiction than memoir. But it's odd how it all fits together. Hopefully.

So join me for this new journey. Welcome to my domain. Welcome to My Life of What Ifs.

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