My Life of What Ifs

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What if every day was Fat Tuesday?

Ha! Who am I kidding? Lately every day for me has been Fat Tuesday! I started my celebration on Saturday with a half dozen Paczkis and I have been craving carbs to the Nth degree ever since. I guess I should clarify before everyone starts fearing for my arteries and the size of my ass, I BOUGHT a half dozen Paczkis, I only ATE about three, and not all on Saturday. One was on Saturday and the other two (or maybe two-and-a-half) were on Sunday, but who's counting?

Since I quit my job my eating habits have changed drastically. In fact I eat considerably less. There is no eating because I am bored, or stressed or because it's noon. But it's funny what old habits and cravings can resurface by eating deep fried dough with sweet filling and dusted with powdered sugar. I long for pastries at all hours of the day now. It sucks.

Today I took my youngest to the high school pool for open swim with her preschool class. Prior to the event I had eaten a banana, that's it. All day. So naturally after swimming we had to swing on over to McDonalds. Did you know that every afternoon from 2 - 8 is 2 for 1 McCafe drinks? Do you know who now has an iced mocha for each side of her bodacious rear end?

Hopefully the cravings subside soon. I've lost a considerable amount of weight in the last 3 months and I'd hate to start gaining it back now. But honestly, is Fat Tuesday the day to start your diet? I don't think so.

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