My Life of What Ifs

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who knew? What if?

Today I am wondering "what if?" Seems appropriate doesn't it, given the name of my blog and all. I am wondering what if because it seems my job at the flower shop/garden center/greenhouse is slowing down, or coming to a close, however you want to describe less hours.

For the last two months I have run around that place like a crazy woman. I have averaged about 25 hours a week and now it has become apparent that either due to the bad economy or the screwy Michigan weather, business is not blooming in the flower industry. Yesterday was apparently so slow they told me I didn't have to come in at all.

The funny thing is- I'm fine with that. The job totally served it's purpose and if I only work one day a week for them or just as needed, I am still very happy that I did it at all. I met some super nice people. I saw that a family run business still has it's place in today's world of "box" stores. I learned the value of "growing your own" plants and standing behind your product. I learned to treat each potted petunia and hanging basket as if it was going in my own yard. Most of all I learned purpose. I learned that I can do just about anything, if I want to give it a try. So what I am saying is that if I actually asked "What if I hadn't applied at five greenhouses in town and been hired at the one that seemed like the longest shot?" Well, the answer is I would have missed out on a great learning experience.

I would have missed out on the chance to move. Yes, move, I can't even imagine the miles I put on my sneakers in the last two months. It has felt great! I would have missed out on the chance to learn even more about flowers and plants. Who knew there were that many colors of Coleus? Who knew a plant named Lophospermum could attract hummingbirds and be so beautiful? Who knew I could create flower artwork in my own patio pots that didn't consist of a geranium, some vinca vine and a spike? Who knew sweet potato vine was so pretty? Who knew I could have a farmer's tan that I would be proud of? Yeah, who knew? What if? Very valid questions and the story of my life.

Working at the flowerland has changed me, and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. If they ask me to come back and help in the fall, the winter or next year I will do so eagerly. Because you can't place a dollar amount on the value of a job well done. Near six figure salaries do not compare to personal pride in beautiful, hard work that is appreciated by those in charge. Using your brain, treating people with kindness when they have a question, and sleeping well when you lay down at night have no monetary value. But the sense of self-worth they give you out pays the rest any day.

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The Rohlfings said...

Yes, potato vine is gorgeous! Glad you got your hands dirty.