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Monday, February 22, 2010

A door can open with every blog, tweet, and facebook status

Every day I am more amazed by the world of social media.  A world where 140 characters that include a trending topic and a hashtag can help you converse with others whose interests you share- more so than the people that live in your neighborhood.  A world where you either love it or hate it.  Get it or don't.  Start your own marketing blog or struggle to figure out what exactly a blog is.

I started a blog two years ago because I felt I had things to share and I longed to return to writing.  The opportunities my blog has brought to me are insane.  My blogs have helped me secure freelance writing jobs, allowed me to offer my opinion on cool new products, and enabled me to become a Brand Ambassador for The View.  Those things would not have happened if I had been simply reading the classifieds to find work.

When I started tweeting earlier last year I came across another blogger from Detroit.  We exchanged tweets and lo-and-behold she was starting a website called  She invited me to contribute covering my county and I have been posting there ever since.

Through the magic of Facebook I have reconnected with some amazing friends, stayed in touch with colleagues from my years in advertising, and made a few new friends as well.  I feel my life is richer because of all of these things.  I feel that my life has taken a direction it would not have taken otherwise, and I owe it all to my own initiative- and social media.

The beauty of all of these things is that they are not the end of the line.  Everyday something new arrives on the social media scale.  Inventions that help you find work, polish a skill, enjoy a hobby, and promote yourself so all of the previous continue to occur.  It's baffling, it's amazing, it's beautiful.  It's my life, and I hope it continues so I can blog, tweet, and tell you what's on my mind for years to come.

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