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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I likeeeeeeeee

What is it with kids today?  Why do all of their facebook statuses have so many extra "E"'s at the end of everything?  What grammar class did I miss that explained this phenomena?  Seriously?  I shouldn't even say "kids" because my mother does it too.  I do wonder if she knows why she does it?

Anywho... I found some cool stuff on Etsy and I wanted to share.  As some of you know I am a coupon fanatic and coupon organizers don't usually survive me for more than about six months.  They either fall apart or they just don't have enough sections and I get pissed off and chuck the whole thing.

In a recent issue of ShopSmart magazine they had a couple of cute ones and referenced Etsy as the place to find them.  Well, as it happens I wasn't crazy about the coupon organizers they featured but I did find this shop, and this organizer.

And I don't just like this organizer, I loveeeeee it.

It's very well made, and has 20 dividers.  Plus it comes with every label you can possibly think of, and it will attach to your shopping cart.  Excuse me for a second, I have to wipe a tear.  Awesome.

Best of all is the $12.00 price tag.  Thank you so much Glowgirl.  I mean Glowgirllllllll.

The second thing I bought, and this one goes along with my loveeeeee of words, is this sign for my new office.

The Homespun Raven not only deserves kudos for this awesome sign that I ordered in dark purple, but she also gets them for her Etsy shop and her website.

Oh, and I did I mention she is in Michigannnnnnnn?

I saw so many signs on her website that I covet, including this oneeeeee.

I plan to order that one very soon.  Especially since she clearly had meeeee in mind when she created it.

Didn't sheeeeeeeeeeee?

I bought these things with my own dollars and loved them so much I had to shareeeeeeeeee.

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Molly said...

Hilariousssssssss Stacy!!!!!
Did you buy the sign already? You clearly MUST own it!!! :0)