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Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Memory Monday

Against the Wind

Let's get back to basics.  Another memory from my JamsBio vault.

You Remember Uncle Joe

I'm from Michigan and I love Bob Seger. Growing up in the 70's &
80's Bob Seger was huge in our house. My parents belonged to a 4-wheel drive club and I vividly remember hearing Against the Wind on 8 track. A lot.

Honestly as a kid I didn't give Bob Seger much thought. I'm not sure why. I loved music but Seger didn't really resonate with me until my senior year. Every other weekend my Aunt and Uncle played in a Euchre club and I used to babysit for my cousins. My Uncle owned a bar and had recently replaced the bar's jukebox with a newer model. He brought the old one home and put it in his basement. It was an awesome finished basement with a big screen TV and stereo speakers all around, quite innovative for 1989. Once the kids were in bed I would go down there and play song after song on that jukebox, but the one I always came back to was Fire Lake. The guitar strumming at the beginning gives me chills. I feel like it tells a story similar to those long days out with my parents and their friends with their trucks on the beach, everyone always seemed to be having the best time.

I guess to certain ears there is nothing spectacular about Seger, but the way he sings a story reminds me so much of my childhood. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

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Luigi | UPrinting said...

I have those moments too. Sometimes my friends act so surprised when I sing old songs. I say I'm an old soul. The truth is that old songs reminds me so much of my childhood. Because of that, I appreciate songs even not from my generation.