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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Self Inflicted Exhaustion

Isn't it crazy that the things we love to do the most are the things that are most often neglected or completely ignored. Like, this blog.

I love writing here, and I am so proud of this blog, and yet when I get busy with life it's the first thing to go by the wayside. (What does that mean anyway, go by the wayside? The Wayside is a bar in Mt. Pleasant that I spent a lot of time in a lifetime ago.)

It seems impossible that a balance may be maintained across all avenues. If the house is clean, no writing gets done. If writing is accomplished then you can not find a clean sock or the kitchen sink.

We endured the great furniture swap of 2010 to make room for a pool table, and in the process my husband completely cleaned out a storage area in the basement so that I can finally have my own office space. Have I made any progress in created said space? Nope. I went from losing sleep because I was giddy with ideas of how to decorate my office and to now, weeks later and nothing has been done.

I've had all week to get ready for girl scout camp this weekend, and yet because I can't say no, I will spend all day tomorrow rushing to help at the flowershop to help at the school, making a mad dash to the council shop and then home to pack in a fast fury. Really? What is wrong with me?

The opportunities are really starting to come in, but if I don't organize myself and come up with some kind of schedule then I am going to ruin everything. Oh and did I mention that I was sick, then Jayden was sick, and then there was a snow day? And car issues?

God grant me the serenity... make it through the day tomorrow and accomplish all I need to. enjoy Girl Scout Valentine Camp. rest and recover from camp on Sunday afternoon. use my Monday wisely. sign up for next Saturday's Writers Workshop. learn to say no! get off the computer and go to bed.

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Luigi | UPrinting said...

I can totally relate with this post. It's so true! The things we love doing the most sometimes take the backseat. I think it's because we are learning to prioritize. But I think that it's not all about prioritizing. It's also about organizing and balancing everything. If we fail to do so, everything might just disappear in an instant. Thanks for this nice post.