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Friday, August 27, 2010

Old Lady Crush Reborn

Charlie St. Cloud: A NovelWednesday night I helped chaperon 15 tweens to the Drive-In for our Girl Scout fun day.  The girls worked really hard to earn their Journey badges this year and have concluded the process by volunteering at Recycle Livingston this past week. (Which is really hard work, let me tell you!)

So they voted and off to the Drive-In we went.  To see Nanny McFee Returns and Charlie St. Cloud.

The new Nanny McFee was great, as expected.  Very cute, great cast, good message, lots of humor.  Charlie St. Cloud caused me a little concern because it was PG-13, but it starred Zac Efron, and well... he's Troy.  And he's dreeeeaaaaammmmmmyyyyyyyy.  OK, so no one really says dreamy anymore.  They say yummy.  Yes, he's yummy.  Call me a cougar.  Hear me RAWR!!!!

My cause for concern was limited to a few cuss words that mean poop, and the common insult of calling someone Richard, or well... you know what I mean.  Of course there is a scene with Yummy's shirt being removed from his body, but hey I'm not complaining about that.

It's a sad story but a good one, and Zac Efron cries which only made him that much more yummy.  Oh and Kim Basinger plays his mom (where has she been?) but that didn't decrease his yumminess, and she seemed sober, so it's all good.  Again good message, trust your instincts, we are all here for a reason, yada, yada, yada, blue eyes, cute nose, great teeth.  RAAAWWWWRRRRRR. 

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DawnDB said...

Always comforting to discover I'm not the only one feeling a little cougar-ish occasionally! ;-)