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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today we Mommy Blog about cooking

Have I mentioned that I have been a frequent visitor to our library this summer? The money I have saved (or used to pay bills) by borrowing movies, CD's, CD-Rom's and books this summer has been awesome to say the least.

When I see a movie I want to rent, or a book I want to read (chick lit anyone?) I just go to our library's website and search for it, then "request" it, and sometimes I wait in line a few days or weeks for it and sometimes it's ready the next day. All free of charge.

I've also been introducing the girls to the library and I admit it's been a challenge. They like to check out items and put them on a table and forget about them. But I have my tricks. Such as showing Ryann that she can borrow the Guinness Book of World Records from the library instead of paying $25 for it in the check out lane at Best Buy.

Today I told her we should look at kids cook books. An idea that brought a big smile to her face. She chose Cool Lunches to Make and Take, and together we chose to make Pasta Salad Presto. It was the one thing that we had all of the ingredients for, or that we could at least improvise.

So, like a good girl I will show you the ingredients I threw together :) Then I will show you my girls using knives, paring knives, but knives none the less. Next is their cute little hands, first Ryann's, then Jayden's. Anyone up for Finger Pasta Salad?

The girls used what fingers they had left to mix up the vegetables and cheese that we would add to the pasta (Mom handled the stove part). Then we made the dressing which the girls said was "stinky"! Yummmm, vinegar and garlic. Tasty to any five or nine year old.

When the pasta was cooked el dente (ok so it could have cooked a little longer, my bad) they mixed it all together! Yay we made pasta salad, I am Mom of the year!

"When can we eat it?" Jayden asked. "Well," I explained, "it has to chill in the fridge for an hour and that is just enough time for Daddy to get home from his softball game and cook us something to go with it." Yep, Mom of the year.

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