My Life of What Ifs

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lesson Learned

With lots of good, there is always a little bad. Most of my bad is self-inflicted and usually seems trivial to everyone else. Yesterday was a fantastic day. My work on chick lit at the Examiner is really taking off and that is so exciting. I am making some awesome contacts which will help make the page more informative.

I also have two stories to cover on Monday for the newspaper, one is a feature! I will launch my website for my Rights & Licensing business as soon as I my friend finishes my logo, so everything is going really well for me. I even worked a few hours in a sweltering greenhouse today spacing mums, but I was with great people and it was a fun morning.

But then I go and do something that I felt comfortable doing and quickly realize it was a mistake. I'm not sharing what it is here, but let's just say I will not do it again. There is no sense in it, I just wish my lesson learned didn't have to rain on my parade. Unfortunately that is how my brain deals with these things. Hopefully I can distract myself enough from my stupidity and go back to enjoying my successes. Hopefully.

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