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Friday, July 17, 2009

Who woulda thunk it?

Today I had seven kids in my house. It was play date city. Things seemed to be going pretty well, and then Ryann asked if I had something that would record voices. I eagerly dug out my old fashioned mini tape recorder that I use to tape interviews (yeah, it's time to go digital) and explained to her how it was used. She went off with the other older girls from the posse and periodically they would return to have me say something funny that they could record and play back repeatedly.

I no more found myself in a good working groove when, of course, all hell broke loose. Jayden was screaming, Ryann was screaming, and the extra five kids are looking at me like "we didn't sign up for this!"

Well it turns out, the older girl posse elected the oldest girl of the bunch (a darling, just-turned-ten-year-old who's Mom reads this blog) to go into Jayden's room where she and the other younger girl posse were playing nicely. Oh I should clarify, they were playing nicely until the older girls kept playing a recording of me saying "Let me in!" outside the door a gazillion times. Well, the darling girl entered the younger posse's turf and recorded them talking not so nicely about the older girls. I believe my oldest was called "A Big Butt" by her younger sister. On tape.

Ryann was devastated. She was more devastated and less than impressed when I stated that she had probably called Jayden something as bad, if not worse, but luckily was not caught on tape uttering the words. So there was a lot of yelling, a lot of crying, and a lot of other kids again looking at me as if to say "ummm yeah, not what we had in mind for our Thursday afternoon."

So needless to say, I had to send half the gang back to their home turf, as the other members aren't from the neighborhood. I didn't feel their parents would appreciate me telling their nine, seven and almost five-year-old to hoof it home, plus I had corn dogs in the oven.

I never imagined that my children would be "wire-tapping" each other's rantings, but then again there are a lot of things I hadn't bargained for in this life. Such as staying up until one or two in the morning just have enough quiet to write a witty blog post. Or try to anyway. Good night.


Sherry said...

I remember as a kid playing with a cassette player recording voices. The cassette player must have been 8*11 ( not very small).


Kristin said...

Can you imagine what the teenage years are gonna be like at your house? ;)