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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What if there was joy in shuffle?

Well there is joy in shuffle! I love to shuffle my iPod and see what comes up, and it's been so long since I've shared a random list of ten on my blog. The total song count is up to 5248, of course that includes a variety of Christmas songs as well as the hits of Hannah Montana, Miranda Cosgrove and the Jonas Brothers. In a perfect world those won't pop up, but if they do I will honor their presence with full disclosure. Feel free to comment on my iPod contents, laugh if you must, but at least I am brave enough to post my taste in music for all to see :)

1. Jump ~ Van Halen

I still love Van Halen. Old Van Halen. Van Lee Roth- the early days and Van Hagar. Jump is a classic, it's not my favorite by the group but a nice surprise to see pop up. When I hear this song I see red and black leopard print tight pants flying through the air. Good times.

2. How do you like me now ~ Toby Keith

Talk about total vindication, this song is for every underdog who made something of themselves and was able to flaunt it just by existing. I had a very good friend in high school who once told me that I wasn't going to amount to anything because I was going to start my college career at a community college. She has eaten her words, I forgive her.

3. Audio Delite at Low Fidelity ~ Black Eyes Peas

This song represents what happens when you load an entire album into iTunes even though you only really listen to a few of them. I had no idea what this song was, and now as I listen to it I am no more impressed.

4. Imagine ~ John Lennon

This song reminds me of high school too. I had a good friend who loved John Lennon, he probably still does I should ask. It was about the time that the Imagine documentary came out and it's still a very powerful song. You may say I'm a dreamer...

5. Speedway ~ Counting Crows

Speedway was almost in the same category as that Black Eyed Peas song above. The Counting Crows became popular when I was in college. Mr. Jones anyone? This song is off of the album This Desert Life, and my only big favorite on it is Hangin' Around. In fairness I decided to take a listen, and then I looked up the lyrics, and i really like this song. It's dark and contains a hint of drama, it's perfect for me.

6. Tennessee ~ Sugarland

Sugarland's debut album Twice the Speed of Life hit the ground at full speed, and every new album they release I like better than the last. I don't believe this song was released as a single, I like it, I don't love it.

7. Hot N Cold ~ Katy Perry

This song is so stinkin' catchy, I love it. I have tried not to burn it out, but I really love to listen to it, and my kids love it too, which I am not proud of :) Katy Perry has a gift with lyrics, I love this whole album.

8. So Hott ~ Kid Rock

We bought this CD for All Summer Long. Last year it was our annual camping trip theme song and my five year old (then four) can sing it word for word. This song I don't think I have really listened to, I am now, it's not really a Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 song.

9. It just comes natural ~ George Strait

This is a great song. George Strait has a gift for picking number ones. I say picking because he doesn't write any of his own songs and I have always had a little bit of trouble with that. But God bless him, it's working out just fine for him.

10. Knockin' Boots ~ Candy Man

An excellent example of 90's music. So classic I had to link to the video, enjoy the special appearance by Tone Loc.

P.S. Christmas music did not make an appearance until #13 and it was Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley. I made it all the way to #75 before Work This Out from High School Musical 2 made an popped up, so all in all it would have been a pretty good few hours of shuffle.

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Sean McCully said...

I am most astounded that you remembered Knockin' Boots when you were searching songs. I guess it held significance for you in some fashion we can't be privy to. Perhaps you liked it. Country? Stacy.....