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Monday, January 4, 2010

Music Memory Monday

At the start of my freshman year we arrived to find a slew of new students at our Junior High school. The reason was simple. In our towns' Catholic school system you went to the high school in ninth grade and that was when many parents said "Fine, you can go to public school". It saved them headaches from listening to their kids complain and from the increased tuition at the high school.

At This MomentNinth grade at the public school meant we were the big kids on campus. It was our year to shine before becoming peons again at the high school. This was also the year that C came to our school. He wasn't your typical Catholic boy. In fact I think his parents sent him there so the Nuns would keep him in line.  But I believe it had the opposite effect and encouraged him to rebel even more.

C introduced me to Iggy Pop and seemed like he had been living in a world that I didn't even know existed. I was unbelievably infatuated with him and for a brief time we became a "couple". This existed mainly of us ignoring each other at school and talking to each other for endless hours on the phone in the evenings. But after awhile he grew bored with my innocence and moved on to someone else. I was upset, as any girl would be, and I turned to my music collection. I had loved the song "At This Moment" by Billy Vera & the Beaters since seeing it on Family Ties and for some reason it assigned itself to this significant moment in my life. I definitely had a flare for the dramatic, but to associate this song with Iggy Pop's number one fan was odd.  Choosing a song that C himself could not have stomached to listen to just proved how wrong for me he was, but I was 15 and did not see the irony in that at all.  I just had to believe that somewhere he was still pining for me, and yes, I still love that song.

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