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Thursday, January 7, 2010

My latest celebrity crush

Ok, so it's a slow day for blogging.  But it's blizzarding outside, yes I said blizzarding, and I don't have much to talk about. 

So I will talk about The Ugly Truth which I just borrowed from the library.  I swear I never get to go to the movies anymore, but I borrow them from the library like a crazy woman!  That's what happens when you are on a tight budget, you go all library giddy.  But anyway...

I had wanted to see this movie and tonight seemed like a good night to pop it in, and let me tell you.  Be still my heart.  I am in love.  With Gerard Butler.  My heart is beating extra fast and I want to see every movie he's ever made.  Tonight.  Which will certainly ensure that I have some smutty dream about him, right?

I have seen some of his other movies, but come on, the elevator scene?  Eesh!!!

Well like I said, it's blizzarding, and it was a slow day here...


1 comment:

Mar said...

he was AMAZING on Saturday Night Live a while back ... not only is he good to look at, he's funny AND he can sing ... and that accent ... WOW!