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Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Superbowl comes and goes... yum.

Every year Cory hosts a Superbowl-Poker Party.  In many ways it's my favorite gathering, because it's his and I can laze around on my laptop while he hangs with his guys. Of course my Mom is always here, and some years a girlfriend or two, but it's nice because they are always the folks who know me best and won't be offended if I just sit with my laptop and only talk to them by way of Facebook.

Every year the menu is different and this year Cory wanted to have a Taco bar since we have SEVERAL pounds of ground beef in our freezer.  But I also like to have kid friendly things on hand too, so the girls and I went shopping.  Which, by the way, reminds me.  I am reasonably sure that I will never be allowed in a store during non-school hours without my daughters ever again.  Not because of any weird mid-western law but because the little princesses won't let me.  They love Target, Starbucks and Walmart, and the only way I can run to these places on my own is to go when they are at school, or asleep, but I'm too old to be out that late.
Any who, they liked the idea of pizza, and they helped me pick out a DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza in the kid friendly Pepperoni variety.  We also grabbed a DiGiorno Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza for Big Papa, because he likes it hot.

At our gatherings the counter is always filled with food, and a five-man Poker game still warrants a full counter.  So the five men, 2 women, and 4 kids that were in our house during the Super Bowl ate all this.

That's the Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza in the front, and yes it was awesome.  The kid-friendly pepperoni is below and it was fantastic too.  Just all around great pizza, and an all around great time.  My family won 2 quarters of football squares, the commercials were great, especially the Chrysler 200 - Eminem spot and I got to be lazy.  I like being lazy.

Disclosure:  I was compensated by Collective Bias for this shop and blog post.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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