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Sunday, February 20, 2011

iPhone 4, Smurfs & Castaway Bay

Almost two weeks ago at my request, the Fed Ex man dropped off an iPhone 4.  My iPhone 4.

You see, the stars aligned for me.  I needed a better phone, my LG 2 was a bit of an embarrassment, and as a blogger with an ever growing presence in the world of social media I needed something with an app or two, or 40.

At first I was not happy with Verizon for not letting me upgrade earlier.  In my many years of cell phone ownership and experience I have always been allowed to trade up a month or two in advance, but for some reason Verizon wasn't budging.  So I would visit the various Droid models at the store and dream.  Droid 2 or Droid X?  Bedazzled case or one with a profound quote showing my intellectual side?  And then I heard THE news.  The iPhone 4 was coming to Verizon.

It was scheduled to arrive on 2/10.  Existing customers could order online 2/3.  My contract expired on 1/29.  The Stars.  Aligned.

The iPhone 4 was a better choice for me because of my music collection.  I know there are bigger iTunes collections out there but my 6,000 plus tracks were already iPhone compatible.  Plus I wanted Instagram.  And Stickybits.  And apparently Smurfs.  OK, Jayden wanted Smurfs.  It was the first game we downloaded.  She has quite the little village of blue creatures growing, and they happen to be something I adored when I was around her age.

This morning my youngest wakes up all sleepy eyed after a crazy 24-hour period of indoor water slides at Castaway Bay and a birthday party and the first things she says to me is "Mama, did you check on my Smurfs?"  I got an iPhone so she could have Smurfs.

This past Friday I was invited to represent Detroit Mommies at Cedar Point's Castaway Bay Mommy Blogger Event.  I got to take Hubs and the girls and we had a quick, little getaway.  I will be posting all about our trip on Detroit Mommies later this week.  But it was great fun.  Friday night they hosted us Moms at the spa area and while we weren't given facials and pedicures as a group we were able to check out the facilities and they were quite nice.  It's nice to know that when we head back to Cedar Point that the Castaway Bay Spa is available for me to get my feet rubbed after walking around the park.  The park that my girls want to go to SO bad.  The park that I visited faithfully in my youth but now in my old age most of the rides make me feel ill.

But I have given birth to a couple of coaster freaks, who like Smurfs.  Who can also build them villages on my iPhone.  My iPhone.

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Stacey said...

I want an iphone. Who am I kidding, I don't even have a qwerty keyboard and going online is a hassle I haven't phone is one step up from two tin cans and a string. ;)