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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Love My Dog

This is what I brought home almost one year ago.  His name was Quinn, we changed it to Maxx.  He was about three months old and everybody wanted to adopt him.  But the rescue picked us.

Now he weighs about 80 pounds and I love every pound of him.  So much.

Right now he's curled up on the ottoman.  The ottoman that my beloved and our two girls all have their feet on while they play video games.  But Maxx found some room amidst the six feet.  He's even laying on a book, but he doesn't care.  He's with his family.

He is a big baby.  At bed time he squeezes in bed between my husband and me and looks at us as if to say "What?  Is there a problem?"

On the mornings when Cory is home at bus stop time Maxx starts jumping all over.  He knows Daddy will take him along, and he can sniff every mailbox post, and sniff the neighbor dog's butts.  I would love to say that he leaves his mark on those mailbox posts, but this big fluff ball- my baby boy- still doesn't lift his leg to pee.  I wish I could say we were working on that, but really, how do you work on that?

It's taken us a while to find dog food that Maxx really likes, and while some would call us bad fur-parents we have found that like his late big brother C.J., Maxx loves Kibbles 'n Bits.  Actually C.J. loved Kibbles 'n Chunks but they stopped making that and he ate the regular.  But now, they have something new- Kibbles 'n Bits Bistro Meals dog food.  Maxx loves it, and he's featured on the back of the bag.  (Not Really)

It has a resealable, zipper top bag, and I love that he loves it.  'Cause when my baby's belly is full he sleeps good.  No matter where he sleeps.

I wasn't prepared for the love I feel for this dog.  He's so comical, and fluffy, and soft.  I just want him to be happy and healthy and from what I can tell when he hogs the couch in the evenings- he is.

 Disclosure:  I was compensated for this shop, whrrl, and blog post by Del Monte.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.

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Cheryl said...

my brothers Huskies are 3 and they don't normally lift their legs either!