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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Can you beat me in the MurphyUSA Bracket Challenge?


I picked my teams the way kids pick books.  Because they're pretty.

OK, I used a little more logic than that.  Very little.  If I recognized the team, they had an advantage.  If I know someone who attended the school and/or is a major fan, the team had a bigger advantage.  If they are in the mid-west?  Ca-ching!  Total science I tell ya.  You should enter the MurphyUSA Bracket Challenge for two reasons:

1.  Prove that you know a whole lot more than me by winning the challenge.
2.  A chance to win free gas for a year, and who doesn't want that?

So give it a whirl.  Enter by the 15th and let me know how you did.  When it's all over and the fat lady has sung I will show just how magical my team picking method really is.  Or isn't.

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