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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hey Charlie Sheen, you're not Winning! I am.

I try to be a forgiving person, I really do.  But I can't forgive Charlie Sheen for being mean to Duckie Dale. I mean, Jon Cryer.  Seriously, in what world is Charlie Sheen drug free?  It's more like, what drug is he not on?

He has now called his TV brother a variety of names, all beginning with T, for not contacting him during his "troubles".  Holy.  Hell.  I could run over Charlie Sheen's cat and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't remember having a cat, so how would he have any recollection if Jon "Blaine?  His name is Blaine?" Cryer rang him up?

I'm a huge Two and a Half Men fan.  But Pretty in Pink is my everything.  You can't slam the Duckster and think I will forget your slander.  Never.

As much as I am disgusted by Mr. Sheen's squinty-eyed internet rants, I also think it's ridiculous to try and put someone else in lead role on Two and a Half Men.  That's shark jumping of epic proportions and it just won't work.  The show is over.  So is Charlie Sheen's career for the immediate future.  Let his parents and the Goddesses deal with him and we shall all move on to bigger and better things.  Such as The Big Bang Theory and  Sh*t my Dad says.

Now let me tell you why I'm winning and Charlie Sheen is not.  Well, because I am working. On all sorts of stuff.

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There's more stuff I do, but I feel I have proven my point to Charlie.  Charlie, who is, was, and will always be, full of shi... tiger blood.



Dawn DB said...

I love Sh*t My Dad Says. It makes me laugh out loud... often.

Stacey said...

Stacy, you rock! Love this post. :) You know you're livin' my dream, right?! You go girl!

Stacy said...

It's one of our faves Dawn. We love William Shatner!

@Stacey, thank you so much! You are so sweet. XOXO

Trish said...

Amen, sister! Do not knock Duckie Dale! Love, love, love that movie!!