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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And then they were eight and five

This post should have been up a few days ago, but it's amazing the level of exhaustion that you can have after hosting eight five-year-olds for a few hours and then 14 adults and 17 kids for an evening.

That was our Saturday and that was Jayden's birthday. My baby is five. Ryann is eight. While they will always be my "babies" I feel we have crossed into new territory where I no longer have babies, I have young ladies. How depressing.

Despite the craziness and the cooties left behind (which have invaded my body and given me yet another virus of some sort) Saturday was a great day. Jayden had so much fun with her friends and was so excited to have them over. They played stick-the-flower on Hello Kitty, Freeze Dance and Hot Potato. Jayden was pleased with her pinata (her only party request) and the girls were all delightful, including the one who told Cory he had to leave because he was the only boy in the house. Ryann was a fantastic helper and truly enjoyed being the big sister. She assisted with the games, judged freeze dance and made sure no one messed up her room :).

All in all Jayden is five and she loves the change. Apparently great things come with being five such as riding the school bus this fall, fastening your own seat belt and sleepovers. We shall see.


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