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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Some Gave AllIt's funny how long it took me to remember that I had a cassette single of Achy Breaky Heart somewhere in my "storage".  But as I folded laundry with my first born and watched the episode of Hannah Montana where Oliver is sick, and Miley can't make it back for Lily's birthday.  You know the one, the one where Robbie Ray talks about his failed rap career as "Ludagrits" or something like that?  Well anyway I remember that I have this cassette single.  Yes, cassette single, and they are in fine condition, let me tell you.

So I wander down to the "storage", find my treasure and take it to my daughter.  I naively thought she was rant and rave about how cool it was, after she asked how you listened to this contraption with tape inside of it.  But no, she looked at the picture, read the name and said "That is not him."

"Yes honey, that is him.  From about 18 years ago.  Pre-Miley."

She would not believe it.  "It doesn't look like him!"  Ok, well, age and parenting a Hollywood Superstar will add some lines to your face, but I think he still looks a lot like he did "then".

She went to show her Dad and get his opinion.  After my husband recovered from the reality we have been avoiding- our daughter is a fan of someone who is the offspring of someone from "our day".  He assured her that it was in fact Miley's dad on Mama's "kuh-set" not CD.

I still don't think she believes me, but her denial isn't as disturbing as what I predict happens next.  At some point she is going to want me to play that song.  And then she will want me to play it again.  And her sister will want to hear it.  Then they will both want to hear it again.  And soon they'll be line dancing their Achy Breaky Hearts all over my house. *sigh*

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Betsy Denise said...

Ahhh memories... I had the cassette and a few years back I did happen to buy the CD, pretty sure I was about Ryann's age when it came out... and I was in love!!