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Monday, March 22, 2010

Music Memory Monday

This one, in my opinion, is HILARIOUS!!!!!  I hope that if my friend Heather is out there that she will comment on this as she did on my JamsBio account.  She was in the car that day and I think she still has nightmares about this song.  I added a youtube at the bottom so you can sing it all day too.  Enjoy!

Sending All My Love (LP Version)

Senior Skip Day

In my late teens as my interest, or obsession rather, in music grew I would listen to songs I liked over and over again. I had volumes of mix tapes that I was beyond proud of, and would play them for my friends in my car whenever I had the chance.

For our senior skip day it was a fairly common thing to drive to Sandusky, Ohio to go to Cedar Point. I had my own car and volunteered to drive myself and 3 friends. It was roughly a two-and-a-half hour trip and to this day I have no idea who was navigating. I'm not sure how we made it home.

But I vividly recall my friend's lack of enthusiasm for one song on the "Cedar Point" mix tape I had made for the the trip. It was "Sending All My Love" by Linear.

We left Cedar Point quite late that night and I had managed to miss the highway and get us lost in a less than stellar area. Once we made it to the turnpike and everyone else could relax they all fell asleep. I figured if I was going to stay awake and drive, that I would enjoy my mix tape, and apparently I would enjoy it more than once. An hour or so later my friend Mike awoke to see where we were. The first words out his mouth were "Holy Shit! I fall asleep and this freakin' song is on! I wake up and it's still on!"

Needless to say I was on the receiving end of many Linear jokes. Luckily they were one-hit wonders and the novelty wore off. I still have those mix tapes and on the rare occasion I hear this song I think of senior skip day and Mike.  I hope he has recovered.



Anonymous said...

WOW! I like this song, I'm not sure I ever heard it before now...

Rebecca said...

OMG, I still remember the words to this!

Cheryl said...

I didn't know it by the name of the group but as soon as I hit play I remembered---we seriously liked this song back in the day??? It sounds horrible!!