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Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's MY house, and if you don't like it...

No, no, I am not kicking anyone to the curb.  But I AM wondering. I'm wondering.  What if?

What if we hadn't moved to Brighton?  What if we had stayed in Jackson near family and friends?  Well I can tell you!  Our lives would be A LOT different.  But these are the things I wonder when I feel I am living in the Money Pit.

Sure, things seem good to the untrained eye.  But even the untrained eye can see we need a new roof.  We plan to get started on this new roof as soon as we are reasonably sure it's done snowing in these parts.  So, hopefully in June we will start that project.

There is also the hole in our shower.  The one where the tile caved in as I leaned on it.  Nice.  That project is still in the planning stages.  Do we retile the shower?  Do we remove the tile and buy a simple enclosure.  Hmmmm decisions.  And money.

The funny part is how untrained our eyes and ears have become in our house.  For instance every single door hinge in this house makes a noise of some sort.  Every time my girls open and close their doors, whether in sweet serenity or complete anger, there is a squeak, a squawk, or something that screams through the house.  After all this time we have simply gotten used to it, but really, let's invest in some new hinges or at least a nice can of WD-40.

Another annoying problem in MY house are that many of the door handles have minds of their own.  Some knobs must be pulled before turning and opening.  The bathroom handle had to be removed so that we could enter said bathroom.  Let's not forget the door knob that works the best, the one that requires the least effort.  Of course it's the one on my... I mean our bedroom door.  Yeah, how convenient is that?

It's always something isn't it?  I guess I am just happy that I didn't fall through the floor into the basement while showering, luckily I only bruised my elbow.  Little things or big things, there are always things that need to be done.  So don't come here looking for perfection, no sir.  This is MY house...

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