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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Space

 After a year and four months of floating from the kitchen table to the living room, to the recliner, to the end table, and cleaning up and moving my stuff every night I am proud to announce I finally have my own office.

All of the crap....ummmm.... very important items to the man of the house.... that you see in this picture used to be in the room you see below (I forgot to take REAL before pictures.)

This is a room in our basement that you get to before you get to Cory's workshop and it was a catch all.  It was very hard to see any potential in the room because of all of the stuff, and how high it was stacked.

Earlier this year Cory won an awesome slate-top pool table at an auction at his work.  It was the perfect addition to his man-cave but we were going to have to do some rearranging to get it to fit.

We have a sectional couch in the basement that after 6 years looked brand new because we have spent so little time down there since the big screen TV died. (No worries we have another one upstairs).  So, short story long, we moved our "newer" furniture upstairs with the good TV, and put the "older" furniture downstairs to make room for the pool table.  During all that moving, and removing- of the couch legs- with a saw- to get the damn thing down the stairs- we discovered that this little nook in our home was perfect for My Space.  My office that I so desperately needed and wanted.  All it took was a little imagination on my part and a lot of moving stuff, and this is what we have now.

I admit, it's not worthy of Architecture Digest, but I love it and I can leave all my work notes spread out.  All. Over. And no one is going to touch them.  I used material on the walls rather than paint and bought an area rug for the tiled floor.  My mother-in-law had a bookcase to dispose of and it matched the one I already have.  So I moved that down too and now I have a library :)

The only thing left to do is make a folding room divider to block out the look of the furnace, water heater, and workshop entry that is to my right.  The less clutter I have to see the better.  But I am so proud of my space.  It has increased my organization and productivity immensely in the short time I have been down here.  I love that I can put my kids on the bus, come home, make coffee, and go to my office.  I am usually "at work" by 8:45 and it feels great.  So great, I just had to share.

Hey, one more thing!  Come back tomorrow!  I'm going to show you how to make some awesome Tomato Basil pizza and I have the coolest giveaway from RedGold tomatoes!!!!  Did you know that RedGold tomatoes uses all midwest growers including many right here in Michigan!  So please come back!


Cheryl said...

Why are you throwing away a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon?? You can save them forever! They never expire--even though they have an expiration on them!

Cheryl said...

Oh and P.S. the space looks GREAT!

Molly's Space said...

It looks awesome!!!! Is it cold?? Are you getting enough natural light like you hoped?

I have to also tell you that just by mentioning your intentions, I started working on my loft again. I've worked my own miracles as a result! I'll post some pictures on facebook soon.

NEXT, is gaining your work ethic! Tomorrow, I will make it to my work in the loft by 8:45 also. Well, as long as I'm not subbing. I want your inspiration to run it's full course!

Thanks for always making me a better person even when you don't even realize it!!

judy lueer said...

I'm so proud of you! You didn't get that organizational knack from me! All my Avon stuff is in a Rubbermaid bin. Can't wait to move so I can have special nooks too! Love you!! Mumzie

Stacy said...

thank you ladies!!!! And Cheryl, you should see how many I already have in my purse! I don't shop there very much!