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Friday, March 19, 2010

Welcome Home Mo!

I am so excited.  My dear friend Maureen is moving home from Amsterdam this week.  I have not seen her in person in almost six years!

Mo and I worked together at the first advertising agency I was employed by after college.  In fact she was hired to be a talent peep with me when I was on maternity leave for my first born.  So I come back to work with a new person in the cube next door and I liked her, I really, really, liked her!

I liked her so much that when I accepted a new job about a month later, I brought her with me as soon as there was an opening.  So, I think you get the picture.

Right before I had my youngest drama queen, Mo left me.  Yep, she up and moved to Minneapolis, which is where I last saw her.  And being the jet setter that she is, three years later she moved to Amsterdam!!!!  Her illustrious career has left me in the dust, but that's ok.  She younger, probably wiser, and has now seen the  WORLD.

This week Maureen is returning Stateside to start a new job in Portland.  Talk about one side of the world to the other!  She is stopping off in Detroit so that we can hang out and I can pretend I am young and can hang on a Thursday night :)

I chatted with her earlier this week after the movers had come and cleaned out her apartment.  This is no ordinary endeavor.  This isn't hiring New York movers to move you four blocks north and three blocks east.  This is, "OK pack up my worldly possessions in your truck, load them on a boat (or do they use planes now?) and maybe, hopefully, I'll see them again in a month. Or so."

With a corporate move you generally have the backing of your company so you are fairly safe with who you choose, and not too worried about what is cost.  But if you're moving to escape the economy chances are you are footing the bill.  At least during this recession you have the internet to see what other peeps have to say about Two Guys and their Truck.

When we moved 55 miles in late 2001 we employed all of our friends and family to help us.  We had just survived Christmas and closed on a new house, there was no money for movers.  Now, all these years later, like everything else on the internet you can go to CityMove and see which movers suck and which ones will wrap your Faberge Egg with the most care.  You can also post your own move and let movers bid on the job!  I will readily admit that I check the internet before I do just about anything anymore.  You just. Never. Know.

Anyway, let's all wish Mo a safe trip back to America, and let's all say a silent prayer that her Fabrege Egg arrives in one piece.  Then let's all agree to make a road trip to Portland to see her bad-ass-self.  Personally I will also selfishly wish that her next move is back to Detroit, or at least Chicago, so that I can see her more often.  I know a cool place she can find some movers.

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maureen said...

Thanks Stacy! I love and miss you dearly! I cannot wait to see you again my friend.

Anonymous said...

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