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Monday, January 10, 2011

Back to Basics - Some Like it Hot

Sometimes I laugh at myself because I think the olden days must have rocked.  This from someone who makes her entire living working on a computer.

I like it when I can do things I call "traditional".  I realize that many things new and old, can be traditional.  But these are the things that seem so basic to me, and they are things I don't recall doing as a child.  Camping.  Strawberry Picking.  Canning your own hot sauce.

OK, so that's really my husband's tradition and it's something he did last summer for the first time.  People LOVE his homemade hot sauce.  We take it camping and it gets rave reviews.  We put it on the table at gatherings people love it.  And now it's almost gone.

For Christmas my Mom and Step-Dad got Cory a Ninja.  A Ninja is this super-powered blender/food processor thingy and he can't wait to pulverize some peppers in it.  I went shopping today to see if I could find some canning-bottles, if you will, so we didn't have to re-purpose old, empty bottles of Frank's for him to make his creation.  The section was less than full.  But that's OK, I found a great Ball Freezer container, so at the very least he can freeze his excess hot sauce and refill the old Frank's bottle as needed.

I think tomorrow is the the designated hot sauce making day.  He's on vacation and I'm going to vacate the house.  The last time he made this stuff I cried every time I walked in the kitchen.  But I will allow him this time, because that's just the awesome kind of wife I am.  Do you have any tissues?

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