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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy thankfulness and comfort food

Today was a great day.  In fact 2011 has been a great year, all 12 days of it.

And if you know me and my family you would realize how big of a deal it is that I make that statement.

You see, last week my husband lost his job.  Meaning the job he had.  He has another job, at the same place, but it pays much less.  All of this because of a misinterpretation of contract language.

So, he had a choice.  Take severance, collect unemployment, lose our families insurance, and pray he found another job before the insurance ran out in a month.  OR.  Bid on a job in another department with less pay and less hours.  He chose option B.

This week he is on vacation.  It's weird because he can't recall taking a vacation where we didn't have a trip planned.  So he's hanging out, with his work-at-home wife, and getting a few things done including his homework, since he is going to college and all.

Do I feel for him?  Of course I do.  Do I want to go kick some ass on his behalf?  You betcha.  But instead I just keep making jokes and telling him it's all good.  Because that is what he would do for me.

Truthfully, I do think it's all good.  I have had two major clients in the last month for my clearance business.  I am writing for three news entities.  I am getting some major opps through my blog.  Oh and I really like selling a purses, handbags, and organizational devices.  Or two, check me out.  (Book a party, you know you want to!)

So anyway, even though I can't always apply this optimism to my own personal situations, I can do it for my husband, and I do do it for my husband because after 19 years he deserves my optimism and a good pasta meal to comfort his soul. :)

So tonight was Family Italian Night.  Jayden and I did the shopping, and I made the dinner, and it was great.  Penne with meat sauce, bread sticks and salad.  Just like Olive Garden only in our house at our table, while it was very cold and snowy outside.

I'm thankful for the doors that are opening, and I know that my extremely smart husband is a step away from his degree and a dream job.  He deserves the best and I will do everything in my power, and make everything in the pasta aisle, to keep him happy and worry free.  If I can do that then I will be thankful for the snow, my opportunities, and my husband.  Caio.

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Brent said...

That is a heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing.
Having been a husband on the receiving end of a supporting wife while going through a difficult job change, I can relate on many levels. You are special.

Thank you from all of us grateful husbands out there!

Brent Robinson

Amy said...

Great Story Stacy. Remind us all to keep our chin up and forge ahead for those we love.