My Life of What Ifs

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ridin' the wave

This is me.  I could critique myself until you swore to never read this blog again.  How I wish I was a confident person.  Inside.  I can play confident on the outside, but on the inside I am usually dying.

Three months shy of 39.  Two-and-a-half years into regular therapy and I am still ridin' the wave.  The waves of ups and downs.  Days where I can run though this house and clean, then write, then blog, and by 5 I've done more then I have in the weeks before.  Then there are the days where I'm lucky if I shower.  I try to make sure no one else is affected by my waves, but sometimes they catch on.  I just hope that by laying it all out here again tonight I can put it to rest for tomorrow.  A day with so much promise, and so much to do.


Anonymous said...

Here for you, waves and all.. you have many friends to lean towards. Let it rest, slept tight, tomorrow is a new day and a bright beginning.

Anonymous said...

You have been one of my favorite people ever since I've known you, and it kills me that life is such a daily battle for you. You are a wonderful wife, mother and woman!

Anonymous said...

I am glad to have reconnected with you (through FB). You should know that even for those of us that don't have regular interaction, we still have fun positive memories of time we shared with you. Today, even without much interaction, I know that you are obviously a loved mother, community contributor and a talented writer. It also takes strength to be able to speak the truth and publicize your reality. Recognize this for what it is and know that it takes the confidence you possess to do such a thing...something you deserve to recognize for yourself.

Stacy said...

Thank you, all of you, whoever you are ;) OK I know who one of you is... your words mean the world to me.

Amy said...

Girl, you are a great chick! I admire you for so many things. Most of put yourself out there for people. You are a good friend, a good mother, and have a great wit. Keep on truckin.